MRS. Sujata Rath joined as PRINCIPAL from 20/11/2017.
    MRS. Nisha joined as PRT from 30/11/2017.
    MR. Pradip Kumar Panda joined as PGT (ENG) from 11/10/2017.

    MR. Vikas Kumar joined as PRT (MUSIC) from 16/10/2017.

    MR. Arun Kumar joined as PRT from 16/10/2017.

    MISS. Pratibha Devi joined as PRT from 16/10/2017.

    MR. Mahamad Haroon joined as PRT from16/10/2017.

    MR. Jitendra Kumar joined as PRT from 16/10/2017.

    MR. Harendra Kumar joined as TGT (SST) from 17/10/2017.

    MR. Avinash Gupta joined as TGT (P & HE) from 17/10/2017.

    MISS. Seema Prajapati joined as TGT (MATHS) from 21/10/2017.

    MR. Shyam Lal joined as PGT (MATHS) from 21/10/2017.

    MRS. Shanti Bhoi joined as TGT (SST) from 25/09/2017.

    SA-II for the session 2014-2015 will be started from 04/03/2015.
    Ms. Annu Jaiswal joined as PRT (MUSIC) from 12/01/2015.
    Academic Inspection on 20/11/2014.
    Mr. Sandeep Kumar joined as TGT(P&HE) on 19/11/2014.
    Primary Wing celebrates GRAND PARENTS DAY on 18/11/2014.
    Ms. Soma Biswas joined as LIBRARIAN on 17/11/2014.
    KV Boudh wish you all a Happy & prosperous Deepavali. Dear students ! be careful when lighting the crackers
    Annual Sports Day-2014-2015 celebrated on 21/10/2014
    Mr. Dipayan Sarkar joined as PGT(Comp. Sc.) on 09/10/2014
    Mr. Niranjan Barik joined as PGT (Physics) on 09/10/2014
    Mr. Sandip Singh joined as TGT(Hindi) on 03/09/2014
    Mr. Manish Kumar Singh joined as TGT(SOST) on 03/09/2014
    SA-I for the session 2014-2015 will be started from 12/09/2014
    KV BOUDH wish you all a happy Independence Day(68th)
    Mrs.Krishna Karmakar,VP, KV , NAD, Vishakhapatnam joined as Principal I/C of this Vidyalaya on 14/08/2014
    KV Boudh was badly affected by flood from 05.08.2014 to 08/08/2014,Flood water entered to the Vidyalaya premises.
    UNIT TEST-II for Class-XI & Monthly Test-3 for Class-XII will be started from 3rd week of Sept. 2014

    The Vidyalaya will be remain Closed from 23/12/2012 to 13/12/2012 on account ofWinter Break
    FA-III for Class VI to X will be held from 17/01/2013 onwards...
    Cluster Level Cultural Meet Undrer CMP held on 01/12/2012
    Parents Teachers meeting was held in the Vidyalaya from 06/10/2012 to 09/10/2012
    Vidyalaya Level Science Exhibition held on 15/10/2012