For smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya the follpwing committees are hereby constituted
for the Academic session 2017-18
SL.NO. Name of Department Name of In-Charge Name of the Members
1 Examinations Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal (Secondary)
Sanatan Bhoi (Primary)
Mr. Rajeswar Mahato
2 Admission Miss. Divya Singh Miss. Seema Prajapati
Mr. Sanatan Bhoi
3 Time Table Mr. Shyam Lal (Secondary)
Mr. Jatin Kumar Meherv (Primary)
Miss. Divya Singh (Secondary)
Mr. Mohammad Haroon (primary)
4 Furniture Mr. Rajeswar mahato (Secondary) Mr. Avinash Gupta
5 CCA Activities Mr. Pradip Kumar Panda (Secondary)
Miss. Pratibha Meher (Primary)
Miss Kalpana Sahoo
(Associate co-ordinate of Secondary)
Mr. Mohammad Haroon
(Associate co-ordinate of Primary)
All House Master/AHMs
6 Library Principal (President)
Librarian(Secondary) Mrs. Soma Biswas
7 Games & Sports Mr. Avinash Gupta  
8 Computer Deptt Miss Divya Singh Computer Instructor
9 Website Committee Mr. Saurabh Dutt Computer Instructor
10 Music Mr. Vikas Kumar Dance Coach
11 Audia Visual/SUPW Mr. Saurabh Dutt  
12 Discipline Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Panda
Mrs. Puspa Acharya
Mr. Jatin Kumar Meher
Mr. Avinash Gupta
All Class Teachers
13 Teaching Aids Mrs. Shanti Bhoi  
14 School Beautification Mr. Rajeswar mahato  
15 Junior Science Labs Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal  
16 Mathematics Lab Mr. Shyam Lal  
17 Physics Lab Mr. Saurabh Dutt  
18 Chemistry Lab Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal  
19 Biology Lab Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal  
20 Purchase Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal
Mr. Sanatan Bhoi
Mr. Rabindra Ghormare
21 Office Mr. Rabindra Ghormare  
22 Scouts & Guide Mr. Rajeswar mahato (Scouts)
Mrs. Bijaya Pradhan (Guide)
Mrs. Shanti Bhoi (Guide)
Mr. Sanatan Bhoi
Mrs. Soma Biswas
Miss Pratibha Meher
23 Guidance & Counselling Pradeep Kumar Panda Counsellor
24 First Aids Mrs. Soma Biswas Nurse
25 Subject Committee Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal (Science)
Mr. Pradip Kumar Panda (English)
Miss Divya Singh
Mr. harendra Kumar (SST)
Mrs. Puspa Acharya (Primary)
Concerned Subject Teachers
26 Rajbhasha Committee Mr. Rabindra Ghormare Hindi Teachers
27 Vidyalaya Magazine Mr. Pradip Kumar Panda (English)
Mr. Sanatan Bhoi
Hindi Teachers
28 Art & Craft and Photography Mr. Rajeswar mahato Mr. Sudhir Kumar majhi
29 Sanitation & Monitoring of Conservancy Staff's work Mr. Saurabh Dutt All Teachers
30 Repair & Maintenance Mr. Saurabh Dutt (School building)
Mr. Sanatan Bhoi (Staff Qtrs)
31 CMP for Primary Mrs. Puspa Acharya  
32 Academic Advisory Committee Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal Mr. Pradip Kumar Panda
Mr. Shyam Lal
Miss Divya Singh
33 Girl Child safety & Security Mrs. Shanti Bhoi  
34 Qtrs. Allotment Committee Mrs. Rajalaxmi Biswal
Miss Divya Singh
Mr. Rabindra Kumar Ghormare
35 Gardening Mr. Rajeswar Mahato  
  In case of any changes, all concerned will be intimated PRINCIPAL